Who among you has not dreamed, at least once in your life, to rent a motorhome and go on a trip wherever your eyes look? Caravanning (from English “caravan” — van) gives you the opportunity to choose your own route and at any time go to where you have always dreamed of visiting, but something constantly interfered.

What is caravanning? This is a type of tourism in which your van is not only a vehicle, but also a mobile home. This type of transport originates from the USA during the Great Depression. At that time, many families were forced to collect their simple belongings and travel around the country in search of work. For convenience, they lived in their trailer houses. Today, caravanning has gained popularity among tourists and such vans – houses on wheels can be found all over the world.

Positive. No matter how you look at this type of tourism, there are only advantages everywhere. You are not limited in movement. This is complete freedom in choosing directions. Did you like some place on the way? You can safely stay there for a day or two. If the night caught you on the road, you can easily stop at the parking lot and relax. The most important thing is that you move around the world comfortably without changing your home environment. Your favorite bed linen in a blue flower, on which you sleep sweetly, is always with you.

Driving a van is not difficult. Despite the fact that its dimensions are larger than that of a simple car, even the driver who has a small driving experience will cope with its management. In addition, almost all motorhomes consume diesel fuel, and this is another plus to your budget while traveling. The diesel engine is quite economical — its consumption is about 12 liters per 100 km.

If you still decided to go on a trip on wheels, then the best option is to rent a motorhome. The average cost is 200 euros per day. The minimum rental period is from three days. Also, the price may vary depending on the time of year. In summer, renting a van will always cost you more.

If your trip is going to be long, camping sites have been created especially for caravaners. Hotels for campers can be different, it all depends on the number of stars. They can be the simplest — you will be offered a parking lot for your van, as well as a place for a tent and a local shower and toilet. Higher class campsites will offer you cozy rooms, and sometimes even houses, plus swimming pools, playgrounds, etc.

In general, if you want to try something new and hitherto unknown, and at the same time not limit yourself in moving – caravanning is exactly what you need.