Diving is a wonderful journey into the underwater world and the most fascinating type of active recreation. It is almost impossible to meet a person who does not want to re–dive into the underwater kingdom.

Novice divers should be wary of contact with poisonous plants and creatures. Before diving, it is necessary to be instructed on the safety of both the diver and the underwater environment – so as not to harm the flora and fauna. Places should be chosen shallow, with a comfortable water temperature and the absence of undercurrents.

The Asian region is very rich in coral reefs, and therefore it will be quite difficult to explore all the best places for diving in Asia. Asian islands are very beautiful, and the mysterious underwater world is very amazing. Let’s look at only the best diving spots in Asia.

Islands for diving

Japan – The Kerama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture are considered a very prestigious holiday destination. Here are the most comfortable beaches and excellent diving. There are as many as seventy places for diving enthusiasts on the Kerama Islands. All of them are provided with a high degree of ecosystem security and the best coral reef protection system in all of Japan. In the local waters you will meet the most beautiful corals, the rarest species of fish and shellfish.

Philippines – Tubbataha Reef – there are many wonderful places for scuba diving, rich in local unique inhabitants. Tubbataha Reef is part of the National Park — Marine Park. The local underwater world is very diverse: a lot of tropical fish, various corals, sharks, rays, dolphins, sea turtles, etc.

Next in the list of “the best places for diving in Asia” are the islands of Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Most divers consider these islands to be the most beautiful for scuba diving. In addition, 75% of all inhabitants of the underwater world, more than a thousand species of various fish, and more than five hundred coral species are found here.

Myanmar, Mergui Archipelago – many consider this place a paradise for scuba divers. The archipelago includes eight hundred islands, practically untouched by the human hand. The local waters are so transparent that you can see a depth of 30 m. But diving here is quite risky, this is due to unpredictable undercurrents. But for experienced divers, this does not provide obstacles. They believe that the indescribable beauty here is worth any risk. Here you can often meet two-meter silver sharks, bull sharks, nurse sharks, manta rays, mako, black-finned sharks, etc.

Thailand is another great place for diving. Chalk caves that stretch all along the coast and descend directly into the sea. The most popular among divers is Wang Long Bay. The entrance to it is located at a depth of 20 meters. The advantage of the local waters is considered an official permit for spearfishing.

Well, the best place for diving in Asia, according to most, is Malaysia – the island of Sipadan. The island is part of the Tunku Abdul Roman Underwater National Park, which is located near the island of Borneo. The diversity of marine flora and fauna in these waters can be compared with the Great Barrier Reef of Australia – there are over 70 species of coral polyps and 200 species of various fish.

Diving is a vivid, incomparable sensation that can only be experienced in the underwater world!