Yala National Park on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka occupies 1270 sq. km of lagoons, rock formations and plains. The diverse landscape attracts many animals. It is home to one of the world’s largest leopard populations.

Truly, the wildlife of the park is rich, but the impenetrable forests make it difficult to explore the surroundings. Fortunately, there are green meadows and reservoirs where animals often gather. It is best to come in the dry season (March and April), when leopards and other large animals stay near water sources — in the rainy season you will hardly find them there. Yala is a favorite habitat for elephants, trumpeter bears, wild boars, crocodiles, buffaloes, mongooses and monkeys. Ornithologists count 150 species of birds here.

YOUR ADVENTURE: The perfect time to admire elephants and leopards

WHERE: Yala National Park

DATES: February-June