The Tara River cuts through the mountains of the Durmitor National Park, located in the north-west of Montenegro. This is a powerful waterway that has formed a canyon reaching 1300 m in depth (the famous Grand Canyon is only 200 m deeper). Rafting on the river is very popular. Tours are offered from May to October, but it is in May that melting snows fill the river and make it run more energetically and faster.

The 82-kilometer section for rafting starts from Raftaiste, located south of the 150-meter Djurdjevic Bridge, and ends at Ščepan Polje on the border with Bosnia.

During the classic two-day tour, on the first day you will pass through the deepest part of the gorge and stay overnight in Radovan Luka. Most one-day tours from the coast are only 18 km away. You will not visit the canyon, but you will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the country.

YOUR ADVENTURE: Go through the Container during the high grass period

WHERE: Durmitor National Park

DATES: May – October