It is safe to say that Brazil is a country full of surprises. This even applies to the weather: for example, if the sun is shining in one part, then it must rain in the other. If you want to get into the Stone Age, then you will definitely succeed, you just have to go to the Amazon, where ancient Indian tribes still exist.

The main attraction of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro, which is located on the Atlantic coast. Despite the fact that the capital has recently been moved from Rio de Janeiro to the city of Brasilia, tourists still tend to get to the “city of wonders”. Brasilia, in turn, is famous for its picturesque parks and boulevards, modern architecture and wide avenues.

Most tourists seek to get to Brazil also because of its favorable climatic conditions, because the minimum temperature here is not below 21 ° C heat, and the maximum is above 26 ° C heat.

For lovers of entertainment, it is best to go to Brazil at the end of February, when an enchanting carnival full of surprises lasts for four days. Also here is the largest stadium in the world – “Maracana”, which is famous for its incomparable fights between “Botafago” and “Flamenco”.