The Rock Hotel is located in a very picturesque location in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. The nearest airport is seventeen kilometers away from this hotel. But, despite such a rather long distance, transport routes are quite developed in this region. Therefore, there are no difficulties for visiting tourists to get to this hotel.

The nearest beach is about two kilometers away. The Rock Hotel offers fifty comfortable rooms equipped with all the necessary items, including a large plasma TV, a private bathroom, and a separate bathroom. This hotel has a large restaurant that welcomes visitors from the very early morning until late at night. The restaurant serves a variety of exotic dishes, including fish delicacies. Any guest of the hotel will be delighted with the national Egyptian cuisine. In addition to the restaurant, the hotel also has a small cafe, the design of which is designed in a strict Oriental style.

On the territory of the Rock hotel complex there is a small indoor swimming pool, near which there is a bar. During the break between swimming, you can drink various soft drinks. On the ground floors of the hotel there are separate rooms for watching TV, and all the new movies that have recently been released on the screens. For the youngest of its visitors, the hotel recently opened a children’s pool, and a special children’s playground.

The Rock Hotel provides all its guests with various cultural and entertainment programs, including diving, visiting local shops, various show programs, and carefully planned excursions.