The picturesque landscapes and landscapes of Cyprus are what has attracted many travelers to the island for thousands of years. We offer you to see the most beautiful places in Cyprus.

The landscapes of Cyprus amaze with their originality and diversity. Southern Cyprus is rocks and the clearest sea, Northern Cyprus is a green fairy tale. But you can also find islands of greenery in Southern Cyprus: the Troodos mountain range with old villages and the ancient monastery of Kikkos and the Akamas Nature Reserve are perhaps the most picturesque places in Cyprus.

Southern Cyprus is famous for its seascapes, first of all, of course, the famous Aphrodite Stone, or Petra tou Romiou, comes to mind. An absolutely charming place – white rocks form a strict but attractive landscape. Petra tou Romiou can rightfully be called the most beautiful seascape of Cyprus.

В то же время горы Троодос привлекают множество путешественников со всего света как своими удивительными ландшафтами, так и достопримечательностями. В горах, среди прохладных сосновых лесов, прячутся сказочные старые деревушки с белоснежными домиками – Лефкара, Фини, Омодос, Педулас, Мутуллас, Зиги. Каждая деревня известна каким-нибудь промыслом — так, Лефкара славится кружевами, а Омодос — виноделием. Здесь же находится множество монастырей и храмов, самый известный из которых — монастырь Киккос, где хранится древнейшая чудотворная икона Богоматери, написанная еще при ее жизни апостолом Лукой.

Akamas is an almost untouched corner of Cyprus, where endemic plants grow and many species of animals live. The reserve is protected by UNESCO and is famous as one of the most picturesque places in Cyprus. The peninsula is an ideal place for hiking, here no one will stop you from admiring the impressive landscapes of Cyprus. You can walk along the Aphrodite Trail or look at the green turtles in Lara Bay, which are on the verge of extinction.

The nature of Northern Cyprus is somewhat different from the nature of the South – there is a more abrupt change of landscapes: the half-steppe turns into mountains, and rocky shores are replaced by plantations. The diversity of flora and fauna attracts many tourists here.

In addition, behind the “green line” after 1974, when Cyprus was divided into Southern and Northern, there were many historical monuments: Bellapais Abbey, St. Hilarion Castle, Buffavento Castle, Famagusta, Salamis, Soli… And all this is complemented by the stunning landscapes of Cyprus! It is not surprising that travelers, despite the difficulties, tend to get to Northern Cyprus. Here you can also see one of the most picturesque places in Cyprus — the Cyrenian Mountains and Pentadaktylos.