Gardening culture originated in Southern China in the Middle Ages. Today, this direction is unique in the world of urban architecture. Suzhou Chinese Gardens are an endless source of inspiration. These attractions are very popular with tourists who are happy to visit this amazingly beautiful city.

The first gardens in Suzhou appeared at the beginning of the sixth century. The heyday of park culture in this province occurred in the 11th-19th centuries. The oldest garden that has survived to this day traces its history back to the 16th century. Most of the ensembles built in the 19th century are located here.

Suzhou is not exactly a traditional Chinese city. You will find clean streets, almost complete absence of skyscrapers, the city is permeated with a network of water utilities, and the main pearl of this city are undoubtedly its parks.

The largest garden in the city is the Garden of a Modest Official, which was laid out in the 16th century. This ensemble is striking in its size. On its territory there are bulk artificial islands and several reservoirs. The garden was designed by the famous calligrapher Wen Zhengming.

We can also recommend you to visit the Lion Grove Garden, where you can feel the indescribable romance of medieval China. The Lion Grove is famous for its maze of stone bridges. This park was founded in the 14th century. In the 19th century, it was radically rebuilt and modified. Today, this garden has a small area, so you can see all its sights in just a few hours.

Suzhou Chinese Gardens
Suzhou Chinese Gardens