Australia is an incredible place. Here you can find luxurious beaches covered with snow-white sand, and the most modern cities, huge deserts and ancient jungles. One of the main attractions of the continent is its very special animal world. The whole nature of Australia, both above and below the water, makes a deep impression. An amazing combination of deep blue and green colors will be the first impression for a tourist flying by plane to the shores of Australia.

Usually, a trip to the fifth continent begins in Sydney. It is the oldest and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is located on the east coast of Australia and looks directly at the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Highway stretches along the coast, connecting Sydney with Brisbane and other cities in the eastern part of the continent.

Not far from Brisbane begins the Gold Coast, dotted with fabulous beaches. The most popular among them is Surfer Paradise. This is really a paradise for fans of wave riding. Novice surfers who still do not handle the safe well can use pools with artificial waves (the size of the waves is adjustable).

Gold Coast

The pride of the stretch of coast north of Brisbane are the snow-white sandy beaches of Sunny Beach, where the atmosphere is calmer and more luxurious. The sand here resembles snow with its whiteness and a special creaking when walking. Australians and rich foreigners who do not like the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast prefer to rest on Sunny Beach. One of the world’s largest oceanariums is located here, introducing visitors to the inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef.

It is definitely worth visiting Fraser Island, located in the Coral Sea near the town of Maryborough. It is all covered with quartz white sand and rainforest. Dingoes, mustangs and ground parrots live here, and dolphins and whales can often be seen off the coast. There are more than 40 lakes on the island, which look like silvery shimmering mirrors from above. Freshwater turtles live in one of them. The island is protected by UNESCO.

Fraser Island

Further north is the city of Mackay – the “sugar” capital of the country. There are 74 islands of the Great Barrier Reef 50 km away from it. You can get to them by sea taxi. These islands are the dream of any diver. Not far from Mackay lies another city whose life is closely connected with the reefs. Townsville is a center for the study of coral reefs, there is a huge aquarium, where it was possible to recreate the living space for the inhabitants of the largest reef on the planet. Another attraction of the city can be called a Magnetic island lying near the shore. More than half of the island is occupied by a national park, where koalas live among other inhabitants.

Cairns is located almost in the very north of the country – a city whose excellent beaches and proximity to the reefs have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Among other activities, a trip to the town of Kuranda is very popular here. An ancient train travels through mountain gorges and inaccessible cliffs, sweeps past volcanoes, craters filled with lakes, and impenetrable tropical forests. Those who want to feel like treasure hunters can go down to the abandoned mines where precious stones were previously mined. Especially lucky treasure hunters can still dig up a small opal or emerald here today. The trip ends in a tiny town where you can visit a butterfly reserve or buy a liqueur made from mango. Next door is a village of Australian aborigines, where it will be interesting to see ritual dances and listen to songs as ancient as the world.

Mysterious Australia
Mysterious Australia