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Ventotene Island


Venton washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea and is located off the western coast of Italy.

The Roman emperors used it to exile prisoners there, because it is remote and quiet.

Clean and calm waters make it attractive for diving and research of flora and fauna of the underwater world.

The charm of Venton comes at a time when you are dropping off the boat, go to this wonderful island. Come to this tiny island off the west coast of Italy since Roman times can be away from the volcanic island, and on small boats, is now progressing on the expansion of the strait. To get to the center of the island, you need to get to the Piazza Castello, where the local town hall. There you can drink a cappuccino in one of two local cafes, which during the peak season, from May to October, filled with people. If a cup of coffee you are not satisfied in any wine cellar, you can get a bottle of this Italian wine, and sitting in the park to enjoy the magnificent view of a small uninhabited island of Santo Stefano.

This island, during the reign of Benito Mussolini used to hard labor of his ideological opponents.
Venton (Ventotene) – is one of the many islands, under the general title Pontines. Ventotene or “Vento” got its name from the Italian word “wind”. The island of its area does not exceed a square mile, but has a very rich history. Even the emperors Augustus and Tiberius found the island used it for peace and solitude. During the Second World War, the island stood radars, to listen to talks allies German garrison, but in 1943 he was captured.

The island also has a rich literary history. It is believed that Homer had been to these places. American war correspondent of the New York newspaper, described the island in one of his articles in 1943.

If you want to get on this island is easy to implement, the ferry from Naples takes you to this paradise. During the peak tourist season, which lasts from May to October on the island is very much restaurants where you can dine very well in the remaining months of the many such institutions are closed, but finding a place where you can satisfy your hunger is not so difficult.
On the island you can relax at the three urban beaches. Beach Cala Nef is the most convenient and preferred place where you can lie on the sun-black volcanic sand makes it particularly original.

Venton very popular among people engaged in scuba diving. Its pristine flora and fauna of each year pulling hundreds of divers from around the world. On the island there are several schools teaching diving, one of them opened in the early 70’s, and is the oldest in Italy. Private and group lessons cost about 100 euros.

The small size Venton (Ventotene) makes it an ideal place for walking and exploring. Walking around the island, you can get a lot of unforgettable experiences, from casual gaze landscapes. The lower parts of the island laid the passages on which in ancient times went to the old set of salt water. Also in the rocks of the islands many natural caves, through which you can get to clean blue water.

Fans of local history can visit the local museums, a total of two on the island. In one of these ancient remains of the sculptures, which are devoted daughter of the Emperor Augustus, who was on the island for her promiscuity and immorality. Another museum and archaeological, it contains ancient artifacts that were discovered on the island for many years.

Unlike its neighbors (the other nearby islands), Venton (Ventotene) has not been massively affected by international tourism. Although the costs for meals and hotels in the island is quite accessible. To date, hotels can take about six hundred tourists. About as much is in the summer months, especially in August.

Do any traveler’s breath away as soon as he gets on this unusual island. View of the Sea, which washes the island from all sides, you’re standing on the island, you can all enjoy the blue of 360 degrees expanses, architecture, the buildings of the island, and even by the people. Of course, in Italy, many other interesting places that might like to visit, but this island is unique in the sense that you will not find crowds of tourists who wander idly with cameras on the island – and in this and all the charm, for real fans romantic travel!

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