Islands are probably the most beautiful and unique place in the world. It is ideal option for unforgettable rest. They attract tourists with the snow-white, sandy beaches, untouched rainforests, crystal-clear water here.

We will tell about the most beautiful and romantic islands of the world.

Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean. Maldives are a piece of paradise. It is one of the most favourite tourist directions of modern tourists. Perfectly will be suitable for romantic rest, fans of diving. The Maldives attract tourists with the azure water of the ocean, unique flora and fauna, well and of course the purest, snow-white beaches.


If you belong to the category of tourists who love passive, lazy rest, then welcome to GOA. Here you will be met by the beautiful beaches surrounded with palm groves, the warm ocean. This best place for beach rest. Here you will feel on the present in paradise, you will have a rest soul and a body.

Island of Bora Bora

Island of Bora Bora Bora Bora it as picture of the painter and sculptor, blue bays, violence of azure and blue flowers. Occupy by Bora Bora by right a rank of the most beautiful islands of the world. Azure waters, beautiful tropical gardens, ideal beaches, soft waves and various color small fishes wait for you on the islands of Bora Bora. Here the tourist infrastructure is perfectly developed. Perfectly will be suitable for romantic rest.


The Seychelles are the archipelago consisting approximately of 110 islands. Seychelles are the favourite vacation spot of tourists from the CIS countries. There is an indescribable, wild nature. The Seychelles will be the ideal place for your wedding.


Tahiti The island of Tahiti is located in boundless waters of the Pacific Ocean. This unique island was formed during volcanic eruptions. Is the ideal vacation spot for divers. Is famous for the coral reeves.


The island of Sicily is located in the Mediterranean Sea, and is one of the largest in this part. Here it is located not without the known volcano Etna. Sicily will please you with active recreation. Here you are waited by various entertainments for every taste and a purse. Today is the most popular and favourite resort.

Tropical islands of Australia

Are a pearl of Australia. Here it is possible to have a rest from all problems and a constant stress. These islands are famous for the exotic nature, coral reeves and the untouched nature. Will be ideally suited for carrying out a honeymoon.