The capital of Austria, Vienna, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This ancient city has been known since 881, the population of modern Vienna is 1.7 million people. Tourists coming to the city can take a variety of excursions around Vienna and see numerous sights.

Most of the attractions are located inside the so-called Ring – a ring highway located in the city center. Inside the Rink there are numerous parks and the Hofburg Palace church. The Hofburg was built in the middle of the 15th century, it is a kind of analogue of the Moscow Kremlin, where the Austrian monarchs lived.

Tours of the palace fortress are especially popular with tourists. During such an excursion, tourists can explore the imperial chambers, get acquainted with the daily life of the Austrian reigning personages, and also see the rich collection of works of art that has been collected from all over the world. Inside the Hofburg are the National Library of Austria, the palace church, the Armory and the Treasury (Schatzkammer).

Another landmark attraction of the city is the Schoenbrunn Palace, which is actually the second Viennese residence of the emperor. The palace was built in the late seventeenth – early eighteenth century. Today the palace is included in the UNESCO Heritage List.

Walking tours around Vienna and bus tours are very popular. Most of the sights of the Austrian capital are located within walking distance, so even on walking tours you can explore almost all the iconic places of Vienna. Taking a tour by bus, you will be able to visit both the sights of Vienna, as well as numerous castles and palaces located in the suburbs of Vienna.