Pattaya is a popular resort town in Thailand, which is very popular with our compatriots. Local beaches, unfortunately, are not clean and sterile, so today more and more vacationers choose not to rest on the local beaches of Pattaya, but to rest on nearby islands, which still have pristine nature and magnificent landscapes.

One of the largest and most popular islands among tourists is Lan Island, or as the Thais also call it – Koh Lan. This island is located just a few kilometers from Pattaya, so you can get to the beaches of Koh Lana by shuttle boats and water taxis. On the beach itself there is an excellent infrastructure for recreation – there are sunbeds and changing cabins on the beaches. The water on the local beach is somewhat cleaner than in Pattaya itself, however, if you want to swim in the emerald waters, you need to go to distant islands.

In the immediate vicinity of Koh Lan are two twin islands – Koh Chang and Koh Samed. Day trips to these islands are very popular with tourists. During such an excursion, you can see with your own eyes all the beauty of the local nature.

One of the most beautiful and popular tourist islands of Pattaya is Rin Island, located fifteen kilometers from Pattaya. On this island there is a magnificent beach where you can enjoy splashing in the emerald sea.

You can get to the island only by private ferry and on an excursion boat. The cost of such a trip can be about 2000 baht. The trip to the island usually takes a whole day. There are no cafes and restaurants on the island, so you should take care of the food yourself.