The Indonesian island of Bali is a world-famous resort, which has been very popular with our compatriots in recent years. On the island, tourists and vacationers can make a variety of excursions to local attractions – the Besakih Temple, the Gunung Agung volcano, the sacred lake Bratan and other natural attractions.

On average, the tour costs about $ 50. You can also order the services of a Russian-speaking guide, which will allow you to get to know the sights of the island better. However, we will make a reservation right away, it is advantageous to use the services of a guide if the group size exceeds five to ten people.

A variety of excursions are not limited to visiting cultural and historical sites. You can go sea fishing, or just take a ride on a fishing schooner to the nearby islands. The cost of sea fishing can range from 30-80 dollars.

Extreme excursions to Bali

There are also extreme hiking excursions that are very popular with outdoor enthusiasts. For example, a walk to the Gunung Agung volcano. Such an excursion begins in the early morning or even at night. Part of the way passes through the local jungle. Therefore, a sea of adrenaline and vivid memories are provided to you.

Tourists who have visited Bali call this island the Island of the Gods. Indeed, this island has everything you need for a first-class holiday. Both newlyweds and vacationers with children come here on vacation.