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Victoria Falls*

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Greek coasts

The feeling of admiration is caused not only by the cascade of water falling from a height of 120 m, then dividing into many separate jets, then converging into a single plume, similar to a monolithic wall, but also by the flow of boiling water through a narrow gorge, which is 13 times narrower than the Zambezi River falling from the rocks. The stream rushing down with a width of 1,800 m, rushes with a roar into a narrow passage, whose width is only 140 m at the widest point of its mouth.

Further on, the neck of the gorge shrinks to 100 m and the water rushes noisily into this crevice, spitting out clouds of tiny splashes that hang in the air and rise from blows many hundreds of meters above the solid wall of a giant stream falling from a height. This is not the largest waterfall in the world in height, but in its grandeur it undoubtedly surpasses Niagara Falls and Iguazu Falls.

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