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Nevsehir Resort

Greek coasts
Greek coasts

According to local belief, if you look at the beautiful view from the hilltop fortress in Nevsehir, then you will stay here for seven years. Apparently, the legend is very old, since the provincial capital is an unsightly modern city in which tourists are unlikely to find enough reasons to delay.

Living conditions in Nevsehir are not particularly good. Even if you arrive here at night, we advise you to get to the neighboring Goreme, where you will be offered the best prices and incomparably better quality.


Nevsehir Museum

This tiny museum is located in an ugly building one kilometer from the center. The exposition includes an archaeological hall with vessels and inventory from the Bronze Age, the era of the Phrygians and Hittites; there are also objects dating from the reign of the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. The dusty ethnographic section located on the top floor is less interesting.

Environs of Nevsehir

If you are on your way to Ankara, consider stopping to explore Gulsehir and especially Hajibektas. If you are driving your own car, then this is easily feasible, but it is not much more difficult with municipal transport.

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