Where is it better to go on vacation to Turkey in July with the children or separately together? Consider beach resorts for a profitable vacation, where it is most favorable to spend a vacation in the absence of heat, and which places to choose for visiting attractions. We will find out the prices for vouchers and teach you how to select offers with discounts.

В Турцию, в каком бы вы городе не жили, выгоднее приобретать готовые туры. Или искать билеты на чартер, что в сезон очень затруднительно, и планировать поездку самостоятельно.

Beaches in Antalya are pebbly. We recommend choosing average prices for tours, while be sure to read the reviews about the hotel and the features of the resort in advance.

For family holidays, we choose the resorts of Belek and Side. At resorts, optimal prices with a bias in hotels for service for children.

The state is washed by four seas, and they are very different:

In the north is the Black and Marmara Sea. There are resorts from the capital of the republic to Trabzon. It’s cooler here in July. The average daytime temperature is +27, the sea is warmed up to +25.

The water in the Aegean Sea is slightly warmer (the resorts of Kusadasi, Izmir, Marmaris, Fethiye), but the air warms up to an average of +32 and more humidity.

The temperature of the air and the sea water are so different that the latter seems cool.

Where is the best place to relax in July in Turkey for those who love the warm sea? The hottest place is the Mediterranean coast. The water here in July is +28, and the air is about +33. Rain at this time of year is unlikely, daylight is the longest.

Where it is better to rest in Turkey in July depends on the amount you are willing to spend on vacation, and on age preferences.

July is one of the hottest months, but those who like night parties, evening and morning bathing will be comfortable. Many hotels occupy such a vast territory along the seashore with their parks, coves, entertainment and spa areas that vacationers have no desire to go anywhere else. Therefore, it is important to choose the resort itself.

Features of Turkish resorts:

  • The most inexpensive vacation is associated with Alanya. Maybe that’s why there are a lot of youth parties here. This applies to both housing prices and food.
  • The warmest water is in the south of the country, the area from Mersin to Iskenderun.
  • The temperature of sea water in July reaches 30 degrees.
  • The Turkish Riviera is the coast of the Aegean Sea. It is here that the most beautiful landscapes, sunsets and the best views for selfies are.
  • The best beaches in Turkey are located in Antalya and its surroundings. Although many beaches of the country, in addition to Antalya, have a blue flag and delight with beautiful landscapes.
  • Natural and ancient sights. Most of them are located in the area of Istanbul in the north and Antalya in the south.
  • Marmaris is called the most youthful in Turkey. The city is located at a closed bay safe enough for swimming. The amount of entertainment and reasonable prices attract many tourists every year.
  • The best shopping experience. The capital of Turkish shopping is Istanbul, and with a long historical past.
  • Those who do not like long-distance travel, it is better to go to Antalya. The transfer from the hotel to the airport can be within 15-20 minutes.
  • Treatment. Resorts on the Aegean Sea are surrounded by mountains covered with healing coniferous forests. They come right up to the water and give shade on a hot afternoon. At the resorts of Kemer, Antalya, Belek, you can take a course of thalassotherapy, and if you climb a little further into the mountains, then a full-fledged treatment at the thermal baths. The most famous thermal resorts in Turkey are located near mud and thermal pools and very close to the sea. These are resort towns: Kangal, Yalova, Dalyan, Pammukkale. The farthest – Pammukkale is located just 3 hours by car from the seaside resort of Fethiye.
  • The bohemian place is Bodrum. Artists and musicians rest here. The place is quite expensive and not very convenient for swimming (you need to go down to the water from the platforms), but it is in Bodrum that the largest and most popular clubs are located.
  • The most children’s resort – Belek is located on the warm Mediterranean Sea, and its beaches are distinguished by fine sand.