As locals say, Russians have a tradition of visiting Minsk on the eve of the New Year and meeting him in the Belarusian capital. Perhaps nostalgia for the times when friendly countries were considered one. Or maybe it’s a tradition that has developed over the years, the same as the obligatory presence of an olivier salad on the festive table and watching Soviet films on a festive evening. Russians love Belarus for low prices (it is also impossible to call it expensive to fly to the capital of Belarus: из Москвы от 40$, из Санкт-Петербурга от 50$, из Калининграда от 60$), cleanliness and tranquility, however, are not all advantages and the country is rich in places that should be visited. And it is unlikely that a few weekends will be enough for this.

Belarus has a rich history and there were times when it was part of the Old Russian state, the Lithuanian Principality, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire and most recently the Soviet Union. Every turn of history left its mark. Unique monuments of architecture and heritage of peoples have been preserved to this day – Khatyn, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Brest, Grodno region. New Year’s holidays in Belarus are a great opportunity to spend time profitably and interestingly.

New Year is a family holiday

The traditional Belarusian New Year is very similar to the Russian one. First of all, it is a family holiday, that is, the chiming of the chimes takes place at home with relatives and friends. Often after 12, young people meet in the main square and then go to celebrate anyone as they please. On New Year’s Eve, you can meet flocks of cheerful young people who happily go to visit, sometimes rent houses or cottages, but this is rare. But up to 12, everyone must be with their parents and relatives. This good tradition has been living for generations.

Walk around Minsk

Whatever time you arrive, it’s worth taking a few hours to walk around the city and visit the center. In winter, it is worth visiting the Red Church, at this time of year it is especially beautiful and cozy. The history of the temple is sad, it was built by Edward Voynilovich in memory of his deceased children – Simeon and Elena. Its history is not so ancient – it was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The Government House is located on the same square.

Be sure to visit Freedom Square, you can walk along the shopping malls, see the cathedrals of the 17th century, Gostiny Dvor, monastery complexes. And the most famous places of the square are the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the restored Town Hall, whose history dates back more than 500 years, and was destroyed more than once, restored in 2004.

You can get aesthetic pleasure on the banks of the Svisloch River. The Trinity Suburb is located on the embankment, surrounded by the old town. Tourists come to this place: to walk through museums, satisfy their hunger in a restaurant and buy a souvenir home. The night river is extremely beautiful.

Lovers of beautiful panoramic photos will enjoy the view from the National Library. The architecture of the building is also striking – a rhombocuboctahedron. The unusual shape and screen walls will not leave tourists indifferent.