Whether you know that in the world there are many night entertainments where it is possible to receive unforgettable and fantastic impressions?

Chile enjoys popularity among fans of active recreation long ago.

Chile enjoys popularity among fans of active recreation long ago. In this country there is the driest in the world Atacama Desert, apparently, that mountain peaks rest against a firmament, and one of enough dangerous rivers as if the magnet attracts admirers of an extreme from all corners of our planet.

Chilean extreme

In the Atacama Desert extract lazurite and copper therefore tourists have an opportunity to buy qualitative jewelry. Here one of the largest salt plains is located, and in lakeside lagoons it is possible to see flamingo colonies. In San Pedro’s city – Atakama abounding with structures of the 16th century feels mix of colonial and local cultures, and in small cafes and restaurants it is possible to try national Chilean dishes. But the main advantage of the Atacama Desert is an opportunity to carry out really extreme rest. Riding, excursions on volcanoes, ascensions on mountain tops, walks by mountain bicycle and bathing in transparent waters of local lakes will give to the fan of extreme sports a true pleasure.
Atacama Desert

Admirers of a canoe, kayaking, mountain walks, riding and fishing should visit Chiloe. This archipelago calls interest climbers and fans of volcanic ascensions. Here it is possible to be engaged not only extreme sports, but to go to walk on picturesque bays and rural areas astride a horse. The main island of the archipelago is Isla to Granda where breed horses and sheep. Along the coast the wooden houses standing on high piles are located. Here the tourists preferring rural life and fishing can perfectly have a rest.

Chiloe river of Futaleufu

The legendary mountain river of Futaleufu enjoys popularity at admirers of rafting and thrill-seekers. Local thresholds “Terminator” and “The road to hell” belong to the 4th and 5th category of complexity, and the nature of the valley of Futaleufu really bewitches. Unusually beautiful Alpine meadows and abundance of lakes allow to be engaged in walks in top and to fish. Near the city in camp of the Bio Bio Expeditions company to tourists offer tours down the river to Futaleufu under the leadership of skilled guides and instructors. By the way work is considered prestigious here, and most of instructors have sports awards and ranks. The food in camp is cooked only from natural products, and suppliers of some products are local farmers. Except an extreme tourists have an opportunity to be engaged in riding and to make a water trip in a kayak. During quiet water travel it is possible to see tremendous beauty sharp rocky tops from which thin falls break. And it is possible to go to massage in the evening, in a sauna or cheerfully to spend time in one of local cafes.

Night – a time of entertainments and adrenaline

monastery Santa Catalina

Costa Rica attracts many tourists not only solar beaches and comfortable hotels, but also the reserve “Forgotten Valley”. Thanks to a successful location unique plants grow here and rare species of birds and mammals are found, and the dense woods are constantly covered with fog. You will be able to go to travel on the reserve with nightfall, and the small lamp will be the only lighting in outer darkness. Unusual rustles will accompany you continually and to remind that in dense lianas, perhaps, the boa monitoring your movements hid. Interestingly, what feelings are felt by the adventurer, having caught sight of two pairs of shining eyes from darkness?

prison of Alkatrass

And how to you night swimming in an environment of enormous slopes? Go to Hawaii where these rather big representatives of ocean waters are found in Big Aylenda much. Whether it is worth reminding that ocean waters in night represent a frightening show for any tourist. And if you light a lamp, then in water there will be an amicable family of slopes which scope of fins makes up to six meters. And sudden emergence and the accelerated proplyvaniye in only several centimeters from a reasonable being is characteristic of slopes. Slopes eat plankton, and the person as food to them is absolutely uninteresting.

You want to get on night excursion on a huge monastic complex? Then go to Peru where there is an ancient monastery Santa Catalina. In ancient times nuns were for life deprived of the right to leave monastery walls, and the complex was closed for wordly people. Today tourists can admire a night type of Santa Catalina, walk with the burning candles on streets of a complex and visit its galleries, the yards and alleys. Imagine what ominous look silent walls of the monastery at night and plunge into improbable beauty of the Middle Ages.

The prison of Alkatrass in California annually attracts a great number of tourists from all corners of the world and has the status of national historical object of the country. In spite of the fact that at the moment in prison not of any prisoner, tourists with pleasure visit so sad and shrouded in hopelessness place. During night excursion you will have an opportunity to visit a vault and prison hospital and to feel all hopelessness of position of the former prisoners.