Unlike the drier, overgrown parts of the country with eucalyptus bushes, Hatta-Kurkine National Park is a country of streams and lakes that merge into the mighty Murray River thanks to a complex system of communicating reservoirs.

Its outer borders are a typical dry country of low-growing shrubs, dwarf eucalyptus trees and pine forests, but large lakes, including Hatta Lake, Mourn Pool and Loki, are full of birds and animals. Surrounded by huge red eucalyptus trees, this region is teeming with emus, lizards and kangaroos. Freshwater lakes are full of fish, while flocks of pelicans, ibises, black swans and other aquatic birds live on the surface.

The lakes are an ideal place for canoe trips, and the winding creeks and backwaters of Murray and Murray-Kulkin Park are wonderful for fishing, picnics, camps and bird watching. The region is also home to Victoria’s largest flower, the Murray Lily.