Netherlands (Holland) – wonderful picturesque country, which is great for sport vacation. It has everything: beautiful landscapes, unique attractions, high quality service and much more. The half of the country’s territory is situated below the sea level. This natural condition is unique there is no such other country exists. In addition, the Netherlands can display beautiful towns, each of which is impregnated with a special atmosphere.



Leiden is the ancient Dutch city with a rich history and a mass of sights. It is the birthplace of Rembrandt and Armin van Buuren. The walls of the city buildings are painted with poems of famous poets from all over the world, which gives the city a special flair. And multiple channels make the city even more romantic.
It is possible to say without the exaggeration that Leiden is a real open-air museum. There are more than 3,000 historic buildings and 12 museums located in this large city. The landmark of the city is the University of Leiden, the oldest European institution.


The Hague The Hague

The place of government, the International Court of Justice of the UN, as well as many museums and historical monuments are located in this one of the most beautiful cities of Holland. The Hague is an excellent mark of how in one place modern business buildings, a seaside resort and ancient sights can be harmoniously combined.
The most beautiful building of The Hague is the Binnenhof, which is a Gothic castle that was built in the 13th century. It will be also interesting to visit the Escher museum. Earlier this building was used as a winter residence of the Queen of Holland.



This charming town is located near the Dutch capital. It seems that Haarlem is frozen in time. Here you can see the old houses and the unique monuments of the Middle Ages. The very first point of attraction of this city, which meets all travelers, is the city train station, built in the original Art Nouveau style. There are no other buildings of this style in The Netherlands.
It is always worth to visit in Haarlem Grote Markt, where St. Bavo Cathedral is situated. Such attractions of the city as De Adriaan Windmill and Villa Welgelegen also deserve attention.


Delft Delft

This city can be called one of the best tourist destinations in the Netherlands. Scenic channels with different flowers and marine plants complement perfectly the majestic architecture of the city.
The most important sights of this small but very beautiful town are the De Porceleyne Fles Royal Delft, Prinsenhof Museum and Vermeer Center.



Listing the beautiful cities of The Netherlands, we couldn’t help but tell about Amsterdam, the capital of the country. It is not only the most beautiful Dutch city, but also one of the most beautiful cities around the globe. This city is very versatile – there is entertainment for fans of nightlife, and for connoisseurs of culture.
Amsterdam also attracts tourists with its unusual landscape with many canals, the abundance of green parks and flowers, plenty of museums and developed infrastructure.