On the bank of Lake Michigan the city, the third by the sizes, in the USA is located. Enough often this city is called the city of winds. By the way, the type of skyscrapers of Chicago, is one of the most urbanized panoramas in the world. By the way, suburbs of this city don’t differ in similar scope, on the contrary, they small and quiet. There are dormitory areas, and they will hardly be able sometime to lay claim to the objects which are most visited by tourists. Though, there are here quite interesting sights which force tourists to arrive to this Chicago remote place.

The well-known novel of Bradbury “451 degrees Fahrenheit” was written exactly in the suburb of Chicago under the name Waukegan.

Now this suburb is the place of pilgrimage of fans of this novel and in general Bradbury’s creativity. Here the fire brigade which is described in the book where the main character of the novel worked remained. Now in this part it is possible to see a large number of people who read paper books in spite of the fact that there are already electronic.

Sights of architecture of Chicago

Among the majority of sights of architecture of this suburb the beacon differs, he was hundred years old quite recently, the historical premises of theater of Dzhinesi which was built in 1927 are not less interesting. By the way, suburban beauty of Waukegan are protected and have the status of reserves, near the suburb more than one hundred lakes are located.

Sights of architecture of Chicago

The carillion is such musical instrument which consists from at least of 23 bells. This tool on church belltowers or on city towers is placed, the mechanism of hours leads to the fact that the carillion plays a certain melody, at the same time everything repeats several times per day.

One of such tools is available in the suburb of Chicago, this tool here on an Independence Day in 2000 appeared.

The city of Neypervill

Sights of architecture of Chicago
The city of Neypervill where there is a tower Mozer on which established this musical instrument, is quite popular today, popularity of the Carillion overstepped the bounds of staff for a long time and extended all over the country.

The tower was built to donations of those people who sought to leave somehow the print in the history of America. Four sides of a tower represent the main values of this small town, namely a family, society, education and commerce. The quantity of the bells which are on a tower several times exceeds minimum, them 72 here, they were poured out of bronze in Holland, each hour of a bell play a pleasant melody.

Sights of architecture of Chicago

The tower has height of 50 meters that is a little higher, than height of the Statue of Freedom. The observation deck which opens rather beautiful panorama on suburbs of Chicago is it at the height of 14 floors. It is possible to rise by an observation deck in clear and windless weather, but for this purpose it is necessary to overcome a large number of steps.