Cuba is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea near the United States. The tropical climate allows to have a rest on the island all the year round, however, according to tourists, during the summer period of heat on local beaches costs intolerable therefore we wouldn’t recommend to you to go there in June-July. Rest on Cuba in itself is rather cheap, however need of long air flight does such tours rather expensive.

Cuba – tropical paradise which becomes one of the most popular vacation spots today. By tradition this island enjoys big love at domestic tourists. Annually on Cuba there come thousands of our compatriots who take away back the lightest and warm impressions.

The most popular Cuban resort is Varadero whose hotels specialize in active and family recreation. Local snow-white beaches and good-natured Cubans will make your rest unforgettable.

What to see in Cuba

Cuba – tropical paradise

The main pearl of Cuba – the state capital the city of Havana. This city practically didn’t change for the last fifty years. The same classical American cars on roads, surprising kolonizatsionny architecture, violence of beauty and good-natured locals. Excursion to Havana will be remembered to you well. Thanks to a huge number of monuments of architecture, Havana was included in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO.

On vacation you can be also engaged in active types of rest and scuba diving in particular. Local waters differ in violence of paints and a saturation of life.

Rest on Cuba

Cuba – tropical paradise Cuba – tropical paradise

Cuba – the island of freedom. What can be better, than rest in the warm regions filled with legends. Certainly, to plunge into such atmosphere, it is necessary to choose a tour to Cuba. On average, eight-day rest on the island will cost $340 (four-stars hotel) or $750 (five-stars hotel). If you want to go to big travel on the island state, then you need to prepare €1520 in 15 days of rest.

Rest on Cuba is unforgettable. Here the unique nature and a set of historical and archaeological monuments is combined. For fans of wildlife it is possible to advise to go to have a rest in Viñales Valley. It is protected by eminences up to four hundred meters high from all directions. Exactly here you will find reserved territories with the virgin nature. Also here it is possible to get acquainted with the main representatives of fauna of the island.

Trinidad-de-Cuba represents the real museum which occupies the whole city. This city in the 16th century – 1514 was founded. Today, when time changes all cities, Trinidad remains the same. These are invariable narrow small streets on which conquistadors, and a set of the museums – the Archaeological museum, the Museum of architecture, the Romantic museum once walked. It is absolutely not completely exhaustive list of places where it is worth visiting, having visited Trinidad. This town completely corresponds to the general mood of the island.