Alas, not all people try to take care of nature, because not everywhere there are places for banal outdoor recreation, and where there are they can be so unsafe that it will not be possible to call being there a rest.

In view of all this, many tourists are looking for places for so-called eco-tourism, and oddly enough, there are quite a lot of them, the difference may be only in the distance of location and specific preferences, because some places are good, it is even possible аренда коттеджей в ленобласти, some are just for being “on the spot”, while others are for hiking.

To combine several types of recreation, the following directions are recommended:


Many people could have heard about this place, but because of the low infrastructure, tourism is not too developed here, and therefore nature is almost untouched, which allows it to admire and relax without any distractions.

In general, there are quite a lot of protected natural areas on the territory, where a huge number of different animals live, as well as there are places to rent for tourists to choose from.

It is especially interesting on the northern side, as there are quite a lot of ethnic tribes preserved there, with whom it will be interesting to “make friends”.


Most tourists and ordinary people know about the amazing nature of Norway, which is why many people dream of visiting here.

The catch may be a not too pleasant climate, because of which there is an increased level of humidity and fairly low temperatures, even in summer, and not everyone can travel and relax in such conditions.

In addition to simple movement through beautiful territories, you can go hunting, fishing and active sports. All processes are controlled and do not harm nature, and tourists, if necessary, can be prompted or helped.


Another place that is not too popular with most tourists, but for those who love nature, this is a good place to relax.

Starting from exploring the underwater world or forests, to climbing mountains, tourists can do anything they like, naturally with appropriate preparation.
Especially tourists are attracted to the Galapagos Islands, or rather their protected reserves, which can only be accessed with a guide.

In general, in Ecuador, you can just travel in nature, and watch animals.

Philippine Islands

In this case, the priority is the water space, but the land on the contrary will be smaller, because most of the way the traveler will have to travel by boat or boat, which can simply be rented from the locals.

These are amazing places for diving and animal watching, of which there are surprisingly many for the islands.

Depending on the specific place, there may even be special “eco” places to stay, which otherwise will not be something negative, because with proper preparation and minimal experience, you can have a good and pleasant rest. If you need equipment for some kind of activity, then it can often be found at local (or just at people, or in stores that are tourist-oriented).