Kenya is one of the most amazing and extraordinary African countries. Located in the eastern part of the “black” continent, Kenya attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world with its amazingly beautiful landscapes, rich flora and fauna, as well as the unusual lifestyle of the local population.

And although geographically the country is located near the equator, the climate in different regions of Kenya differs significantly. Here, humid tropical jungles coexist with snow-capped mountain peaks, huge full-flowing lakes contrast with the arid climate of the African savanna.

The entire area of the country, in fact, is one large nature reserve, which is the birthplace of almost all representatives of the animal world of Africa.

Modern Kenya is the most dynamically developing East African state. In recent years, the country’s economy has experienced unprecedented growth associated with the rapid development of trade and tourism. Many cafes and restaurants already have Wi-Fi points for Internet access.

The capital of Kenya, Nairobi, is the financial center of the entire African region.

The political system of the State of Kenya is democracy, headed by the President, who is also the head of the Government of Kenya. The population includes more than 40 ethnic groups, which number more than 39 million people.

The official languages are English and Swahili. Also, the Bantu language and more than forty local dialects are widespread everywhere. Formally, there is no official religion in Kenya. According to surveys, about 40% of the population considers themselves Protestants, another third – Catholics, and 10% of the dominant religion is Islam. In reality, more than half of the nationalities inhabiting the country are adherents of ethnic cults and beliefs.