The most populated on the map of the Indonesian archipelago is the island of Bali, which has pristine nature, magnificent coral lagoons, warm volcanic lakes and luxurious beaches.

There are many high-class comfortable hotels on the island. There are even branches of the Ritz, La Meridian, Sheraton and Hilton hotels. The service of Indonesian hotels is recognized as the best in the world. Here no one and nothing will disturb your peace of mind.

The cultural and entertainment program on the island of Bali is so multifaceted that any of the tourists will be able to find what they like: just bask on the beach under the rays of the sun, play sports, have fun in bars, clubs and discos. Every vacationer has the opportunity to see ethnic local rituals and holidays.

The population of Bali is quite religious, this is evidenced by the huge number of temples. Everything on the island: the lifestyle, and hotels with temples are located according to the eastern philosophy of Feng Shui.

Bali is crowded with vacationers both in summer and in winter. The temperature does not fall below +28 all year ?With, showers rarely cause concern, and then at night. Life on the island is raging 24 hours a day. There is an attractive energy that does not allow anyone to be sad. The positive from the rest is enough for a long time!

Bali Island – vacation on the island

The island of Bali is ideal for a holiday, because this piece of land is located near the island of New Guinea and Malaysia. Plus, it is washed by the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The island of Bali is almost in contact with another tourist destination – the island of Java. They are separated by a small strait. That the first, that the second corner of the land is washed by both salt water and fresh water of lakes. Thanks to this, it is ideal to grow rice here, which is the main dish for all residents and tourists who come to rest on the island of Bali.

The island of Bali has a vacation to offer for every taste – from dangerous, active to ordinary and passive under the warm sun. Tourists are offered to go on excursions to volcanoes all year round, of which there are a large number on the island of Bali. It is due to the fact that the volcanoes of Bali have been active for many thousands of years, the island is full of minerals, and the lands are fertile and yield a rich harvest every year.

The capital is Denpasar. The population of the capital is about 270 thousand people, but when tourists come to Bali to rest in the summer season, the island’s population increases several times. Almost all tourists can rent a villa on the ocean. There are plenty of them here and they are inexpensive. For example, a villa in Bali can cost $ 300 per night, while in Spain or Portugal renting a villa is more than $ 1,000.

In recent years, numerous museums and ancient palaces have been opened for excursions, so a vacation on an island in Bali is worth the money.Bali Island

Holidays in Bali

There are numerous Buddhist temples on the island, many of which are of great interest to tourists. We recommend you to take an excursion to the temples of Pura Ulan Danu and Besakih. The legendary Pura Tana Lot Temple is located among the waves of the Indian Ocean. In the center of the island is the Batur volcano, during the tour to which you will be able to see with your own eyes the lava in the volcano’s mouth.

In local hotels in Bali, you will be offered numerous excursion programs that will allow you to get acquainted with local attractions. We recommend taking a water sightseeing tour along the coast of the island. Excursions to the neighboring islands of Keningan, Nusa Penida, Lembongan and others are also popular.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, you can take fascinating dives to the bottom of the ocean and local lagoons. Hiking and horseback riding will also appeal to you.

You can go on vacation to Bali all year round. The velvet holiday season is the time from August to May. In the summer, the air temperature on the island rises to 40 degrees, which makes it much more difficult to relax on local beaches. The cost of a holiday in Bali is quite high, but at the same time it is somewhat lower than the cost of a holiday in the Maldives and the Dominican Republic. For a ten-day tour, you can pay about 30-45 thousand rubles. In winter, vacation prices increase slightly, while in summer local tour operators offer substantial discounts on vacations.