North Goa was a hippie kingdom in the past, but today it is one of the best beach resorts in the world. Tens of thousands of vacationers come here every year to rest. Here you can find both crowded noisy villages where young people prefer to relax, and calm beaches and hotels specializing in family vacations with children.

As in the whole state of Goa, there is a well-developed infrastructure in the north of the resort, which makes it easy to relax in the bosom of nature. In the evenings, life is in full swing in local villages. These are numerous nightclubs that work late, and a variety of restaurants of national cuisine and much more. Vacationers with children can visit various entertainment centers and nature reserves with exotic animals.

The beach season in North Goa lasts all year round. Even in the middle of winter, temperatures do not fall below 25-27 degrees, which makes it easy to sunbathe and swim in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Due to the mild climate and the proximity of the ocean, the heat in the middle of summer is not so exhausting, so you can relax comfortably even in the middle of the local summer. Beach holidays can be combined with a diverse and extremely interesting excursion program and visit numerous local attractions.

The popularity of local resorts is also added by the affordable cost of recreation, which is on the same level as Thai resorts. The cost of rest can be about 30 thousand rubles for a ten-day tour.

Today, tour operators are actively working with this direction. Tourists are offered various tour options, ranging from inexpensive vacation options, then luxury hotels and bungalows on the ocean. Everyone will be able to easily choose a tour that meets their financial capabilities and the requirements for the quality of recreation at resorts.