It used to be a port city. The name of the city is translated as garnet. It was and is a symbol of fertility and wealth in Turkey. In this city, you can not only have a great rest on the seashore, get a beautiful tan, and a lot of positive emotions, but also travel to various shrines, visit local attractions, touch numerous architectural monuments. After spending a few days in this delightful city, you will get used to orange groves, pine forests, so much that you will miss all this while at home.

Side will delight lovers of comfortable rest. Many hotels and inns for every taste and budget. The service, of course, is at the highest level. Turkey is famous for its clean cities and beaches. And this city is no exception.

Туры в Сиде will allow you to admire the small cobbled streets, sandy beaches, many cafes and restaurants with a variety of cuisine that delight the eye with their cleanliness and well-groomed. You can spend an evening in a chic restaurant, by the sea, in a romantic atmosphere. You can walk along the embankment, or along the main street. The whole city, with its monuments and sights, is incredibly cozy. And the residents are extremely hospitable. A lot of Turks know Russian, so there should be no difficulties in getting to this or that place.

The city is divided into eastern and western parts. The western part will delight lovers of noisy recreation. There are many cafes, restaurants, discos, nightclubs, and other evening and night entertainment. And the eastern part is designed for a more relaxing holiday. You can come here with children (almost every hotel has a group of animators who will give your child an unforgettable experience).

Not far from Side there is a picturesque paradise. His name is Manavgat. This village is named after the name of the river that flows here. The river is famous for its clear water and amazing waterfalls. You can stay in this village for a few days in order to feel part of Turkish culture. To see from the inside the life of the local population, local traditions, to feel the flavor of this place. You will have a wonderful opportunity to visit the Turkish bazaar. In general, oriental bazaars are something amazing. They reveal all the versatility of the population. And, of course, a huge selection of goods, makes the eyes run away. Here you can buy handmade carpets, beautiful embroidery, leather goods, and much more.

Also, in Side, you will be able to travel back several centuries, having got to the music festival at the beginning of summer. This festival takes place in an ancient amphitheater. It’s an indescribable feeling when you sit in a box, listen to the enchanting sounds of music, and realize that a few hundred years ago, those who built this theater were sitting here. These stones are steeped in history.

Holidays in Side can be varied. It all depends on what exactly you want to get from this vacation. As soon as you decide on your desires, go ahead in the Side! This city will be glad to see you at any time.