The charm of Provence is filled with lavender fields, veil with the gentle beauty from mid June and until the end of August.

The Lavender capital of France – is a village Sault in the Vaucluse Department. Every year in August 15th the holyday of the Lavender is celebrated. This plant literally feeds the habitants of this region.

What other plants can you find here?

There are two kinds in Provence: lavendin and lavender. Violet fields of lavender outspread at the height of 700-800 m. Lavandin is less pretentious to the habitats: the fields of it are at the height of 600 m.

Where “blue gold” grows

  1. Abbey Notre-Dame de Senanque

Built in the 12th century, it’s contradicting. Not the abbey makes sense, but the fields of lavender. The monks of the abbey have been gardening those fields for years making different types of goods made of the grown flowers.

  1. Valensole Plateau

You will recognize it due to the marvelous flavor spreading all around. The plateau is in the Upper Provence, but wrapped into purple blanket of lavender.Lavender fields Lavender fields

  1. Alpes Haute Provence

It is a touristic Mecca for the ones in love with the beauty of nature. At the foot of the mountains fresh air is mixed with soft flavor of lavender and the amazing view supplements the whole image.

  1. Chateau-du-Bois

The oldest farming which traditions laid in 1890; and the founders of it, Jacques and Sophie Lensole have made not only lavender fields, but also a museum devoted to the plant.

Chateau-du-Bois reveals new facets of the ordinary. By the way! Here you can try the taste of lavender honey.

What Provence can be without purple fields outspreading for km? There is love to the life, to every second, every slight moment.”Came, saw, loved!” – three words you need to describe the memory of endless fields of French Provence.  And when you get to a small village you understand the value of every moment of this life.